• 2 Hour Opioid Focus – 4PCP Preview

Provides a high level overview of the 4PCP curriculum. After this course you will gain the skills you need to initiate the biobehavioral approach with your patients’, save office visits time by assessing their stage of readiness to change, and deescalate a tense opioid related visit.

  • The Biobehavioral Framework – Pre-Workshop A Videos & Journaling

This course goes into the depths of the biobehavioral approach to chronic pain including differentiating acute and chronic pain physiology, sensory pain vs suffering pain, passive vs active coping strategies, catastrophizing and other biobehavioral concepts.

  • Stages of Readiness to Change: Pre-Workshop B Videos & Journaling

This powerful set of tools will enormously increase the efficiency of your practice. Learn the practitioner roles associated with 3 stages of readiness to change. Recognize when a patient is stuck, agree to disagree, and cut the visit short while maintaining the relationship; grasp when the patient is ready for action and dive in.

  • All Pre-workshop Videos

Bundle of all modules listed below (A,B,C,D) at a discounted price ($100 – 4 vs $35 – ea). 

  • Demystifying Opioids – Pre-Workshop C Videos & Journaling

Develops the skills required to separately diagnose chronic pain and substance use disorder (SUD), to determine the risk and benefits of opioids, to safely terminate opioids, and to have an effective and meaningful conversation about this challenging topic with your patient.

  • The Pithy Pain-Informed Team – Pre-Workshop D Videos & Journaling

Chronic pain management is best accomplished by a team that includes a medical practitioner, behaviorist, and a physical therapist. Don’t go it alone! The only problem is that each of you have your own language and vocabulary. This workshop will teach you to become “trilingual”, how to speak the language of your partners.