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April 3rd, 10th, 17th 2024 Remote Video 3 Half-Day Immersion Workshop

Remote Video-based (zoom)

4PCP: The Primary Practice Practitioner Program for Chronic Pain We have spent 20 years developing the 4PCP curriculum. 4PCP revolutionizes your approach to chronic pain management, to work in an effective team instead of solo. 2013 pilot study showed shorter visit times, less burnout, and better patient outcome This skill-building workshop is based on the 4 Tenets [...]

4PCP ECHO – The New Pain Neuroscience

Remote Video-based (zoom)

4PCP ECHO is a virtual network of providers and practitioners working together to optimize virtual team management of Chronic Pain in Primary Care. An ECHO model connects professionals with each other in real-time collaborative virtual sessions on Zoom. Participants present de-identified cases to one another, share resources, connect to each other, and grow in their [...]

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